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We want to present you with an easy way to save money and energy and to stay warm as winter cold sets in. As you read this, your air conditioner is probably just taking up space and blocking lovely views of the sky. So why not let People’s Choice Air Conditioning remove it and seal off winter drafts!

For only $389:

  • Carefully remove your air conditioner (including all side panels and brackets)

  • Storage customers enjoy a significantly reduced rate for cleaning service. For $95.00 extra, we will Steam clean the unit and remove coil-clogging dirt, mold, mildew, etc.

  • Recharge seal system, if necessary.

  • Install a new polyurethane filter.

  • Replace the old foam rubber with new foam rubber.

  • Check all electrical components, oil the motor, and adjust the thermostat.

  • End of winter, we will schedule an appointment to return the air conditioner to your home, re-install the unit, and ensure that it is properly sealed against those April showers and summer thunderstorms.

People’s Choice Air Conditioning will remove the unit and perform the above services, safely store you’re a/unit during the winter season, return and re-install it in the spring time.

Also, don’t forget that we offer Window, Wall and Transom Installations.

Call us early at 718-657-6224 to reserve a convenient time for pick-up and re installation.

People’s Choice Air Conditioning in business since 1987, undertakes Services & Repairs on all makes and models, and GUARANTEES all of its work and is fully insured and licensed. So enjoy great views of winter without bringing in the chill, help the environment, and save money!

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